Your GDI Read Out: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Read Out: Weekly Reading List

  • September 6, 2019

This week in our reading list, you’ll find stories on how platforms like Reddit, PayPal, and YouTube are policing online hate and disinformation – as well as the shortcomings of their approaches. We’ve also included articles on 8chan’s testimony to the U.S. Congress and Facebook’s new rules for political ad buys.

We hope you enjoy these articles – and feel welcome to share ideas for other readings with us here or on Twitter @DisinfoIndex.

8chan owner testifies to Congress about extremism on the site (Ars Technica, 5 September 2019).

Facebook to require buyers of political ads to provide more information about who paid for them (Washington Post, 28 August 2019).

Ku Klux Klan donation account suspended by PayPal (BBC News, 2 September 2019).

Source Hacking: Media Manipulation in Practice (Data & Society, 4 September 2019).

Why Reddit Is Losing Its Battle with Online Hate (Mother Jones, 27 August 2019).

U.S. Unleashes Military to Fight Fake News, Disinformation (Bloomberg, 31 August 2019).

YouTube is now labeling videos in Hong Kong uploaded by publishers with government or public funding (TechCrunch, 26 August 2019).

YouTube Removes More Videos but Still Misses a Lot of Hate (Wired, 4 September 2019).

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