Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • December 13, 2019

Our reading list this week includes articles on viral disinformation on YouTube, Twitter’s new plan to explore decentralising their platform, and the role of disinformation in this week’s UK election. For more on these and other stories, read on.

We hope you enjoy these articles – and feel welcome to share ideas for other readings with us here or on Twitter @DisinfoIndex.

How fake accounts pushing inflammatory content went viral — with the help of YouTube’s algorithms (CNN Business, 13 December 2019)

Researchers fear ‘catastrophe’ as political ads ‘disappear’ from Facebook library (Sky News, 11 December 2019)

On Digital Disinformation and Democratic Myths (SSRC MediaWell, 10 December 2019)

Exclusive: Facebook Fired A Contractor Who Was Paid Thousands In Bribes To Reactivate Banned Ad Accounts (BuzzFeed News, 10 December 2019)

Twitter Co-Founder Backs Social Media Overhaul to Prevent Spread of Disinformation (Newsweek, 11 December 2019)

Who’s Spreading Disinformation in U.K. Election? You Might Be Surprised (The New York Times, 10 December 2019)

Critics say Facebook’s powerful ad tools may imperil democracy. But politicians love them. (The Washington Post, 9 December 2019)

NATO Targets Disinformation Efforts (NPR, 7 December 2019)

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