Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • September 4, 2020

This Week, our team continues to fight disinformation leading up to the November election. As we do, Russia finds new ways to weaponize their social media tactics, while platforms scramble to figure out how to mediate the meddling. Trying to debunk the news in your feed? We’ve included some tips for that as well.

As always, we hope these articles inspire and inform – and please, share your thoughts and ideas with us on Twitter @DisinfoIndex. We’d love to hear from you!

Russia Weaponizes Increasingly Sophisticated Disinformation (Signal, Sept 4 2020)

We’re asking the wrong questions about far-right extremism- And it’s rising around the country. (The Hill, Sept 3 2020)

A platform-by-platform prescription for treating the disinformation disease (Market Place, Sept 3 2020)

How techno-populists put the ‘Hate Machine’ to work in spreading disinformation (Poynter, Sept 3 2020)

Voters vs. Disinformation: Here’s how members of the general public can help identify — and stop the spread of — digital disinformation about elections (Sept 2, 2020)

Duped by Russia, freelancers ensnared in disinformation campaign by promise of easy money (Yahoo! News, Sept 2, 2020)

Should Google’s Ad Market Be Regulated Like the Stock Market? (Wired, Aug 31 2020)

Coronavirus sceptics, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers protest in London (The Guardian, Aug 29)

Facebook Employees Are Outraged At Mark Zuckerberg’s Explanations Of How It Handled The Kenosha Violence (Buzzfeed News, Aug 29 2020)

Lyric Jain of Logically: How We Aim To Cut Down On Misinformation In The Upcoming Elections (Thrive Global, Aug 27 2020)

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