Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • January 11, 2021

This week, Disinformation got the better of the United States as far-right supporters stormed The Capitol. Years of disinformation has lead to this attempted coup and while ad tech companies have implemented some policies to slow the spread, their efforts are no match to the coordinated efforts of those who wish to undermine democracy. We are all vulnerable, and we all need to join the effort to guard against the confusing stories we see in our newsfeeds.

How are you helping to debunk false narratives? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @Disinfoindex. We’d love to hear from you.

Deepfakes: 7 ways to guard against this new form of Disinformation (Forbes, Jan 11 2021)

Our New Reality: Three Americas (Axios, Jan 10 2021)

Americans Were Worried About the Wrong Threat (The Atlantic, Jan 10 2021)

Disinformation’s Big Win (Axios, Jan 8 2021)

The attempted coup at the Capitol needs to be brands’ wake-up call about funding online disinformation (Fast Company, Jan 8 2021)

Disinformation on Facebook, social media leaves us ‘vulnerable’ and imperils democracy (Yahoo Finance, Jan 7 2021)

Yesterday’s unprecedented attack on the Capitol was a clear consequence of mis/disinformation (Poynter, Jan 7 2021)

A man wearing a buffalo cap proves how far mis/disinformation can go and how dangerous it can be (Poynter, Jan 6 2021)

How Disinformation Evolved in 2020 (Brookings, Jan 4 2021)

How Conspiracy And Disinformation Are Affecting U.S. Politics (NPR, Jan 4 2021)

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