Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • March 29, 2021

This week, disinformation continues to disrupt democratic processes, while every tech company, journalist, think tank, agency, and everyone in between tries to gain a handle on it. Offline acts of violence spurred by false, influential narratives continue to persist, and it seems we can’t go anywhere without hearing about another extremist group or shooting…

But are we right to fight the media platforms that carry the disinformation we see, or might those tools be better used in another way?

Check out this week’s reading list and let us know your thoughts! we’d love to hear from you on Twitter.@disinfoindex

QAnon Has Become The Cult That Cries Wolf (Five Thirty Eight, March 28 2021)

I tried to use the ad tech industry’s tool to opt out of personalized ads. Did it work? (The Next Web, March 28 2021)

Election Defamation Lawsuits Open New Front In Fight Against Disinformation (NPR, March 27 2021)

Social Media Is an Intel Gold Mine. Why Aren’t Governments Using It? (Foreign Policy, March 26 2021)

The Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal: The 2700-year-old ‘fake news’ (BBC, March 26 2021)

Google found to be hosting sickening antisemitic reviews of Auschwitz (The Guardian, March 25 2021)

Facebook sued for ‘deceptive practices’ over disinformation on platform (The Guardian, March 23 2021)

How We’re Tackling Misinformation Across Our Apps (Facebook, March 22 2021)

The new weapon in the fight against biased algorithms: Bug bounties (ZDnet, March 17 2021)

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