Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • April 19, 2021

This week, Big tech has been hard at work mediating content and preventing offline harms… but so far, nothing seems to be working. In fact, the problem is getting worse. From ads that target white supremacists to “miracle cures” that cure covid with bleach, there is no end in sight for a remedy to this disinfo virus.

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Many Americans Don’t Support Journalistic Values, Study Says (Columbia Journalism Review, April 15, 2021)

US company illegally peddling ‘miracle cure’ bleach for new Covid variants (The Guardian, April 15, 2021)

Ad industry expected to make a major COVID comeback (Axios, April 13, 2021)

Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal (New York Times, April 13, 2021)

Revealed: The Facebook Loophole That Lets World Leaders Deceive And Harass Their Citizens (The Guardian, April 12, 2021)

Google’s Secret ‘Project Bernanke’ Revealed in Texas Antitrust Case (WSJ, April 11, 2021)

Google Blocks Advertisers from Targeting Black Lives Matter YouTube Videos (The Markup, April 9, 2021)

New social media rules hold users accountable for behavior offline (Axios, April 8, 2021)

Google Has a Secret Blocklist that Hides YouTube Hate Videos from Advertisers—But It’s Full of Holes (The Markup, April 8, 2021)

Pandemic, What Pandemic: Internet Ad Spending Surged 12.2% To $139.8B In 2020 (Media Post, April 7, 2021)

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