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The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing online disinformation by identifying and labelling domains with a “risk of disinforming” rating.  Our goal is to create a world where we can trust what we see in the media.

The GDI is built on 3 pillars:

Independent: The GDI is not for profit and diversely funded.  It exists solely to assess online publishers’ risk of disinforming their readers.
Neutral: The GDI is apolitical, global, and evidence-based.  
Transparent: The GDI’s rating criteria, index methodology, and detailed assessments will all be public, auditable, and disputable.

We continually strive to model the following behaviours in our interactions with others:
●   Positivity: Be a problem solver, not a problem raiser.
  Responsibility: Make it your problem – if it’s not right, fix it.
●   Trustworthy: Make sure others can depend on you – If you say you are going to do it, do it.
●   Respect: Treat everyone, especially those with whom we disagree, with courtesy and respect. 

Main Responsibilities 

You will support the CTO in delivering the technical build out of the prototype disinformation index. The index will have an automated AI-powered classifier which will provide an initial classification of domains. Those domains that cannot reliably be identified by the classifier will then be assessed by analysts using a framework agreed by a panel of experts.
You will be comfortable working with the technical team to define product specifications and solutions, with setting product goals and roadmaps, and with tracking progress and schedules. You will also manage customer relationships ensuring GDI is delivering and learning from pilot projects with ad tech companies.
This will involve co-ordinating the team of engineers, analysts, and data scientists to create a functioning disinformation index that can plug into the programmatic ad exchanges to steer adverts away from high-risk domains. 
  • Co-ordinating an internal technical team of 4-6 people who work remotely (and/or on a part-time basis in some cases) to set out project timelines and meet agreed delivery dates
  • Keeping product to agreed specs and ensuring design integrity
  • Liaising with the CTO and the Programme Director on scheduled deliveries, challenges and any delays
  • Working with the CTO to manage the overall delivery by the technical team
  • Being a team-spanning resource to ensure both technical and manual sides of the index methodology are developed in sync
  • Being the point person for customers and manage customer relationships and leads

  • Being a manager and point of contact for the tech team to set objectives, ensure delivery, give feedback etc

A successful candidate will be comfortable working in a start-up environment, which may require greater ownership and flexibility with evolving priorities. A successful candidate will also enjoy product iteration with both customers and internal stakeholders to best meet the evolving needs of the organization.

Experience and Qualifications


  • 4+ years’ product management experience for web applications and data science projects
  • Experience leading cross-functional product teams, including data scientists and engineers
  • Experience advocating for the customer and solving real customer problems, while using research to validate and inform product direction
  • Experience with agile development methodology for rapid prototyping
  • Experience defining and articulating guidelines, principles, expectations, goals and success metrics for products
  • History of building and growing successful products
  • Data-driven but also able to make strategic decisions in the absence of data
  • Experience communicating openly and confidently to a wide range of audiences—including executives, engineers, and data scientists
  • Experience working on a product with logistical complexity is a plus.


Ideally New York City, but all US locations will be considered.


We will consider part time applications also but require a minimum of 3 days per week. Freelance or employment contracts of 1 year can be considered.

Reporting to

Danny Rogers, Chief Technology Officer

To apply 

Please send your CV to 






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