The Quarter Billion Dollar Question: How is Disinformation Gaming Ad Tech?

Major brands are unwittingly funding disinformation domains. The GDI estimates that a quarter billion dollars (US$235 million) is paid annually to our database of 20,000 disinformation sites by ad tech companies placing adverts for many well-known brands.

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Cutting the Funding of Disinformation: The Ad-Tech Solution

Based on our research, we have mapped out how there is an unchecked funding line provided to disinformation domains thanks to online ads automatically placed by ad exchanges on them.

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Designing the Index: A Review of Good Practices

This is a compendium of examples of good index design that are drawn from different sectors. It outlines the central principles needed for designing an index and serves as the basis for advancing the GDI’s work.

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Adversarial Narratives:  A New Model for Disinformation

Today’s online threat landscape is more complex and blended, with disinformation agents drawing on a large library of content to craft narratives aimed at social, political and economic conflict. It is time for new disinformation model. Download report (.pdf 1.0 MiB)
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